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Towards perfection and excellence in Anaesthesia and ICU

Recent Trends in Anaesthesia, 
ICU and Pain Management

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Dear fellow Colleagues and Friends,
We are deeply honored to take this opportunity and welcome you all to the 27th edition of ASAIC, that will take place on September 28-30 of this year, 2024. 

Every year we aim for something special and to host a phenomenal conference rich in knowledge as well as intellectual prowess.

The conference gathers all Icons of Anesthesia, critical care and pain management under one roof, through 3 days of workshops, panel discussions, video sessions and much more insightful content to be shared by our ingenious speakers and chairpersons, who are eager to create such a rich program carrying the weight of their unique experiences and their tremendous knowledge. 

We eagerly welcome you to this year’s edition of ASAICs, for an inspiring journey through our ever-flourishing field of Anesthesia, Critical care and pain management.

Prof. Mohamed Ibrahim

Congress Date

28-30 SEPTEMBER , 2024

Scientific Program

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Contact Us

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